Construction of 4 social housing units and a medical center
Location : Schaerbeek
Programme : Construction of 4 social housing units and a medical center.
The medical center occupies two levels, including the ground floor.
Four one- to three-bedroom units complete the upstairs program.
The half-level layout of the medical center also promotes communication between the reception and the consulting rooms. The environments thus diversified allow a more direct relationship between the doctor and his patient.
The semi-transparent envelope of this function gives it an atmosphere of filtered light and calm for consultations.
The apartments are organized so as to offer a west orientation to each living room. The duplexes will have the living rooms upstairs. These will benefit from two terraces which constitute private spaces set back from the busy rue de Jerusalem.

Client – Municipality of Schaerbeek, Renovas asbl
Intervenants ; Michel Cuypers ( ARJM)
Collaboration ; JZH & Partners